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Hello Villagers,

I wanted to announce that I’ve decided to take the challenge of NaNoWriMo
“National Novel Writing Month” Basically it starts in November, and I write a novel in a month!( I encourage all to check it out, its free) writers are allowed to start now, and I need to average at least 1000 or more words a day! isn’t that insane?
Below is a Teaser of my Prologue(which could change, like I said a teaser) its about 488 words, and I have chapter One started that a little over 1000! Honestly I have no title for my book-to-be yet, it will be a surprise, also I would love some feedback on this teaser I posted. Thanks a Million Villagers!

Julia Montgomery has hidden away, in a small town in Connecticut by the name of Britter Cover. Hiding from family and friends telling no one where she has gone; hoping that someday her heart will be mended from her tragic lost love.
Once a strong successful women Julia has now found herself alone filled with grief bartending in this small town and filled with the memory of the last time she held Sean’s hand as he closed his eyes , and his body became lifeless on that hospital bed. Battered and bruised inside and out, Julia was in shock unable to accept she would never see her fiancés face again, feel his touch, or hear his whispers in her ear, so she ran.
She never forgave herself she thought it was her fault, they should have stayed home that night, the rain was too heavy and the roads were too dark. Julia had just received a call from the bank approving her and Sean for a loan for small space her and Sean had their eye on for her art gallery, Sean insisted on taking her out that night to celebrate but It all happened so fast, Sean couldn’t see that deer standing in the middle of the road, the car rolled and everything went silent in slow motion she could hear Sean scream echoing in the darkness, his green eyes lit up reflecting off the review mirror, pupils completely dilated and then it was black.
Waking up confused, in a hospital bed she screamed out for Sean. Looking her left there he was lifeless; eyes closed his chest slowly rising but no other movement. She screamed his name rising from her bed, shaking; stiff and battered she ripped out her IV as doctors and nurses rushed into the room holding her back as she reached out for him, trying to push them away she was too weak, yelling, and sobbing she felt pressure swell to her head, again everything went black.
This time waking up, through her groggy eyes she could see a women, and feel a slight grip on her hands, it was her sister, Emily; sobbing, and preying under her breathe. Julia let out a sigh every muscle on her body ached; her sister sprang to life, calling the doctors in again.
It was all a blur, her sister was still sobbing, the doctors, and nurses where talking to fast, their voices fading in and out. She looked to her left calling for Sean, but all she could see was a blurred lifeless shadow, motionless through the curtain. She looked at her sister feeling dizzy, tears running down her face from her swollen eyes, rippling over her lips like small waterfalls, everything went silent focusing on her sister bleak face she squeezed her hand, leaning in she whispered in her ear “he’s gone, I’m so sorry, he’s gone” … it echoed in the whole room “he’s gone”. Julia couldn’t breathe.

By T.Carrier
Protected by Copyright

To Dream


I close my eyes and I’m running
I’m fast, I’m focused, I’m alone
I Stop

Breathing heavy sweat dripping down my face
I take a deep breath, and I’m swimming
I’m relaxed surrounded by waves diving deeper
I’m alone
I Stop

I open my eyes and they sting
the salt water makes my skin feel heavy and tight
I hug into myself, rubbing my arms, they feel rough and dry

I take a deep breath and I’m cycling
fast, slow, fast, slow
I feel my calf’s burning, my breath tiring
but this time I don’t stop
I keep pedaling
where am I going?
The forest is surrounding me
I pedal faster
its closing fast, everything’s a blur
I need to go faster
I stop

why am I stopping?
The forest is moving
I feel claustrophobic
I need to move; I can’t
I need to run; I can’t
I want to scream; I can’t
I have no voice
I’m scared
I close my eyes, take a deep breath
and I’m home

By: T.C.
protected by copyright.

The Riddled Beat


You make her feel like she’s the cure to your sickness.
You make her feel like she’s everything you ever wanted.

“Is this true?”
“Is she everything you want?”
“Does she make you beat? Help you heal?”

She is not the cure for your sickness.
Your heart needs no healing…
It needs beating.
It’s silent, no sound, no emotion.
wake up!
I watch you stare…Lost.
I hear your thoughts…Lost.
Your eyes are loud spoken, and your lips are tight.
Still lost.

No she is not your cure
There is no sound in your heart for hers.
There is no sound at all.


protected by copyright.