942714_10151638604885030_506783264_nAbout Me? These “about me” Pages always create a deep nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach, full of question spewing from my guts; “what do I say” “there’s nothing to tell about myself” “who’s going to read this?” “I’m Boring”

Well, lets see where I can go with this.
My Names Tiffany Ann Carrier; My parents named me after the singer “Tiffany”. My mom and my dad each put 10 names in a hat and my dad wrote “Tiffany” down 10 times, to makes the odds in his favor for his child’s name ha-ha!, I think when you’re excepting this is a pretty neat way if you and your spouse are terribly indecisive; did I mention I’m extremely indecisive? seriously ask my boyfriend.

I’m In my mid twenty’s, and I have NO idea what I want to do with the rest of my life, I’ve been to college; and NO like many I am not working in my field of choice, I work at a call-center as a reservation “lead agent” basically I make hotel reservations, and help other agents with making reservations along with side tasks from my supervisors. Is it my dream job? not even close, but I’m happy and that’s all that matters, a job is only as good and the attitude you have while you’re there.

I met te love of my life, David about 5 years ago face to face (we chatted online for a few years prior as friends) we have been together ever since, and have had many up and down journeys together, I couldn’t imagine my life without him we keep it as interesting as we can with what we got, he is all I could ask for, he keeps me a float.

Now my love for writing is complicated, poetry is my choice for writing but I don’t write as much as I would like to that’s why I started this blog to share my day, my thoughts, my rants, my poems just anything that pops into my mind,
It’s funny I didn’t do overly well in English, just basic stuff like grammar and I are not friends (you and probably tell I guess where I think I comma should go, and I’m awful at spelling) but I always new I wanted to write, something in me tells me it’s part of me. Now I’m not going to get into my childhood, it had it’s ups and down, but as a child I saw and experienced things I hope my children wont have to(when I have kids) , and writing was my way to escape whether it be a journal, diary, made up story, poetry or passing notes it class to friends it was something I could depend on as my release.

I named this blog the cat shack, because I have 2 beautiful cats in my life; my boys name’s are Blacky, and Sam they’re important to me and I wanted them to be part of this, and No! my apartment is not a shack on some lazy days when I don’t want to clean I could argue with myself on that, but most of the times It’s pretty good!

We’ll I think I’ve done my part on this “about me” section of my blog, enjoy villagers, thanks for stopping by. Namaste.

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