Society’s flawed body wisdom


Hello Villagers, here is a question I asked myself today after being told “I was pregnant” & when I said no to which someone replied: “Oh, yes, yes you are!” ..Seriously? & here is my long over thought answer.

Question: When did it become socially acceptable to ask another person if they’re “pregnant”?

Short answer: Never

Long answer: Alright Ladies, this is the terrible question we do NOT under any circumstances want to ever be asked in our lives. To be perfectly honest I find it plain rude & devaluing; I won’t lie it was an elderly woman, and I’ve been asked twice now by someone of wisdom if I was pregnant or they have commented casually on my weight, & when I discuss this with someone the answer is usually get is “It’s just because they’re old” well world like it or not I DO NOT agree with that answer.

At what age in time did we tell ourselves it was okay to causally comment on someone’s weight whether they’re too thin or to fat or just too? Because that’s basically what someone is saying when they ask if someone’s pregnant; it translates to “you’re a chunker”.

I have had self-esteem issues my whole life, & let me tell you it takes a lot of time and effort & self-coaching to “Delete” that feeling of self-loathing & body obsession…mine obviously isn’t fully deleted I have some terrible memories drilled into my head I wish I could beam out but I can’t instead I just tell myself to use these memories & become a better version of myself & not let the world weight me down & then some days I feel like the world has dropped a brick through my glass window mind, & I feel 14 again. I just want to pick up the brick and throw it right back! I get so infuriated that society has taught us it’s okay to make each other feel devalued. I used to have days where I said to myself “Why not just take that self-esteem and throw it away? I have none anyways” I am far away from that person now, But it’s easy to let her back in; Especially when I get a curve ball thrown at me like “are you expecting?”

All I can say to make my long answer short is whatever age you are please be aware words do, and always will hurt. Something you say can affect someone’s whole day, even whole life. & yes it’s up to us what we do with what someone says to us, but it can still hurt & stick with us, we are emotional beings. & do yourself a favor, unless you know the person & know they’re trying to conceive do not under any circumstance ask if they’re expecting.

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