To Dream


I close my eyes and I’m running
I’m fast, I’m focused, I’m alone
I Stop

Breathing heavy sweat dripping down my face
I take a deep breath, and I’m swimming
I’m relaxed surrounded by waves diving deeper
I’m alone
I Stop

I open my eyes and they sting
the salt water makes my skin feel heavy and tight
I hug into myself, rubbing my arms, they feel rough and dry

I take a deep breath and I’m cycling
fast, slow, fast, slow
I feel my calf’s burning, my breath tiring
but this time I don’t stop
I keep pedaling
where am I going?
The forest is surrounding me
I pedal faster
its closing fast, everything’s a blur
I need to go faster
I stop

why am I stopping?
The forest is moving
I feel claustrophobic
I need to move; I can’t
I need to run; I can’t
I want to scream; I can’t
I have no voice
I’m scared
I close my eyes, take a deep breath
and I’m home

By: T.C.
protected by copyright.

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