On the road again…


Hello fellow bloggers,

 I titled this blog on the road again because yet again my love and I are packing up and moving! Still in the same city, but downsizing to a more economical one bedroom! You know to save money, pay off bills and get ahead 1 of the top 10 reasons someone decides to move!

Isn’t it crazy how you honestly never realize how much stuff you have until you start packing, well in my case “ start poking through closets, trying to find things to donate so I don’t have to pack them, then realize I’m  moving in 5 days and have 3 boxes packed”…PANIC!!

You know how hard it is to find boxes? Half the places in the city don’t save boxes and the ones that do you need make sure you call the day before to tell them you’re interested hoping they pass the message along to someone so the boxes don’t get put in the baler…well we got one small load of boxes from 1 of the grocery stores in the city and half of them we can’t use because they’re cut in half or have gaping holes in them, honestly? Needless to say my cats took over those boxes to play with.

I dislike getting so frustrated but the second grocery store we called the night before and told us to be there at 7am… I called just to make sure they had boxes, then they told me no they were all put in the baler because we have to call the night before and request to have them saved… I loudly thought to myself “ISN’T THAT WHAT WE DID!?” then politely said to the lady (I’m sure we were speaking to the night before who said she would leave a note) Oh, we did and where told a note would be left to which she boldly started “well I don’t see no note” …honestly ladies and gentlemen !?

Now were back to square one with boxes, which is okay I’m not too panicked I laugh about it and tell My love ” I got a closest of reusable bags I’ll just use those…(he may kill me) because I’ve done it before…it was awful!


I’m pretty sure moving around frequently is in my blood I’m sure my family and I have lived in over 30 places growing up, and Myself on my own I have live in 9 places going on my 10th, isn’t that just crazy? It’s been a great adventure anyways! Who knows where I will be next year!?

Thanks for reading Villagers…


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